Planet Cyber is proud to announce the commitment to be one of the 1st internet cafes in the Los Angeles area, to bring the VR experience to gamers with the Oculus Rift headset as well as the Virtuix Omni. The launch is to be determined, and is pending final confirmations from Oculus and Virtuix.

The excitement and suspense is building up, as this will be a game changer for gamers. It will be the experience gamers have always dreamed about, AKA the Matrix experience.

Planet Cyber plans to revamp the whole venue to accommodate the space needed to fit the fifty gaming treadmills, motion capture cameras, and VR capable PC’s.

Gamers and VR enthusiasts can plan to come in groups and get their game on in the VR game worlds such as counter strike source, battlefield, and many more Oculus Ready Games.