Virtual Reality HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
@ Planet Cyber Internet Cafe in Canoga Park

For Reservations Call (818) 999-9000

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vrIf you live in Los Angeles, and you’re looking for a place to try out virtual reality, then look no further, Planet Cyber Internet Cafe is one of the only places in the Canoga Park San Fernando Valley renting out the HTC Vive & Oculus Rift.

Put on the virtual reality headset and enter the Matrix. Live and experience the games as though you are really there.  With the two HTC Vive  hand controllers, you can see your hand movements in the virtual world. You can touch objects and they’ll react, pickup an arrow and use a bow to shoot it, or pick up a gun in each hand and start shooting at enemies.    99% of people who try it are amazed that the technology has become a reality in their life time.  Call 818-999-9000 to make reservations.

Here are some of the preferred experiences;

  • Shooting Experience 1- In this jaw dropping experience, you’ll be on top of a high rise building, next to a parked space ship. As you are standing on the platform, flying alien robots will rise up from the ground, and come to shoot at you. You’ll have to shoot them all, as their shooting back at you. You’ll notice as their shooting at you, the music will change indicating a slow down in time enabling you to dodge the bullets. (note: this experience can be physical. Make sure you wear sneakers, and long pants to protect your feet in case you scrape the ground while you are dodging bullets.)
  • Under water experience 1 – In this jaw dropping experience, you’ll be at the bottom of the ocean surrounded with various colorful fishes, turtles, plants, jelly fish etc…. You can touch the fish, plants, and everything else and they’ll react.
  • Under water experience 2 – In this jaw dropping experience, you’ll be at the bottom of the ocean on a 1000 year old, wooden sunken ship. You’ll be surrounded by fish, and all the sudden you will have a very very close encounter with a gigantic whale.
  • The Lab – The Lab experience is combined of 6 different experiences.
    • Bow & Arrow shooting and target practice.
    • Sling shot Shooting – using a large sling shot canon, shooting robots.
    • Explore a merchants Cabin, before you’re attacked.
    • Repair a Robot
    • Walk around the mountain top with your robotic dog.

Call 818-999-9000 to make reservations

See the video below of see live footage of people playing virtual reality.


Student Discounts Are Available to the following School Students:
CSUN – Cal State Northridge University,  Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles Valley College, Canoga Park High School
Taft High High School, Chatsworth High School, Reseda High School, Birmingham High School, Calabasas High School.
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Pierce College Students Come & Try Virtual Reality Oculus RIft & HTC Vive @ Planet Cyb